My Way Back

from by Daniel Harper



Written by Daniel Harper in Boston, MA in the Summer of 2010


I was born in Carolina, raised in New Orleans
Momma put me in bible school so I wouldn’t grow up too mean
Papa always told me, “Take the narrow path”
The winding road will take its toll,
You may never find your way back…”

Home, find your way back

My brother took the straight and narrow, and never questioned Why
We were told to just believe, through the Bible says seek and find
My little sister, was always close, with me through it all
She was near me when my faith was strong
she was there to watch me fall far away from

Home, far away from
Home, far away from

Oh God, I love them more than any thought,
they're not the ones to blame
Family is the reason for what I am today
No, I’m not thinkin’ about dyin’,
though I hate what I’ve become
I never asked to be the prodigal,
Oh, Lord, can I come, back

Home, can I come back
Home, can I come back
Home, can I come back

You know, I’ve slept on every highway
and I’ve tasted every town
From Carolina, to California,
Oh, Lord, pull me back somehow

No, I don’t know what it will look like,
I don’t know what I feel
I still ask broken questions that your answers will never heal
And when my time alone is over,
I’ll tell you stories of where I been
I don’t believe that you’ll believe them
but you’ll ask to hear again,
My friends, when I make my way back



from The After Life - EP, track released February 20, 2016
Written by Daniel Harper
Produced by Gus Berry
Engineered by Gabe Klein-Kuhn
Assistant Engineer: Mark Fucito
Drums: Eric Jackowitz
Bass: Khairul Aiman Radzi
Electric Guitars & Keys: Gus Berry
Acoustic Guitars: Daniel Harper
Background Vocals: Maddie Berry
Vocals: Daniel Harper



all rights reserved


Daniel Harper Greenville, South Carolina

Daniel Harper hails from Greenville, SC, where he first developed his singer-songwriting skills into his own brand of folky pop meets soul. He picked up his soulful sound from a southern upbringing in New Orleans and the Carolinas. His engaging stage presence frequently draws comparisons to legends from Elvis Presley to Bruce Springsteen. ... more

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